Solar Panels In Texas

There are many companies that sell solar panels in Texas but you will only find one that actually manufactures solar panels in Texas. The company that manufactures solar panels is called Mission Solar Energy out of San Antonia, Texas.

Mission Solar produces high quality solar panels in their plant in San Antonia. They have been producing “Made In The US” panels for several years. The video below will give you more information about the company

All of the solar modules receive many quality checks throughout the entire process and are subject to stringent quality and reliability testing. Each of the solar panels exceeds the industry requirements and is backed by a 25- year power and product warranty. The owner of this website lives in Rockwall Texas and is happy to support another company from Texas.

More Texas Make Solar Products

Regardless of being a fairly brand-new solar panel brand name, Mission Solar panels are being picked by more house owners. The company’s increased appeal is no surprise: Mission designs and puts together high-efficiency, premium solar panels right here in the United States.

In this post, we’ll take a closer look at Mission Solar Energy and how their solar panels determine up to industry standards to assist you choose if they’re the best panels for your house.

What is Mission Solar Energy?

Solar Panels In Texas
Solar Panels In Texas

Mission Solar Energy is a solar panel manufacturer that opened its doors in 2014 in San Antonio, Texas. Given that then, Mission Solar has ended up being the fourth-largest production firm in the city of San Antonio, with over 400 regional staff members on personnel.

The company’s American roots suggest they are compliant with both the Buy American Act as well as the Recovery and Reinvestment Act. This likewise means that Mission Solar modules are exempt to Trump’s Section 201 import tariffs.

Objective Solar prides themselves not just on their Texan heritage, but likewise on their high manufacturing requirements. All of Mission’s raw materials are examined when they get here to ensure there is no damage to the cells before module assembly begins. The cells and modules are checked multiple times throughout the production process.

Objective also has actually third-party screening performed on their panels to identify how their items perform under different conditions. Mission Solar items have been used in property, business, and utility applications.

What products does Mission Solar offer?

Mission Solar uses a variety of solar panels for grid-tied and off-grid solar installations. All of Mission’s modules contain p-type monocrystalline solar batteries. This is the best type for the homeowner.


Mission Solar Energy modules are effective and built tougher than industry standards, however they are also appealing. We offer numerous size and color choices to cater to homeowners’ preference. The MSE PERC 60 BLK module is a home consumer favorite that includes a smooth all-black design and compact size.

The MSE PERC 60 Black modules have power outputs varying from 300 watts (W) to 415 W. These monocrystalline modules’ all-black design permits for a more consistent look throughout the solar selection.

At the present time Mission Solar is the only US made solar panel producer in Texas. When more solar panels in Texas come out this article will be updated.