What Is Whole House Battery Back-up?

Are you thinking about installing a whole house battery back-up along with your solar panel system? Including batteries with your solar installation is a fantastic way to delight in satisfaction and be ready for any power grid blackout that comes along. Is it worth doing? Many people feel it is worth doing because the power grid is over 100 years old and has issues. Having an oversized solar panel array and 20 to 30KW of lithium-ion battery backup will make you energy-independent.

Batteries permit you to keep the energy generated by your solar system to be used at night when there is no sun to shine on the solar panels. Your solar batteries will also run your electricity at night, lowering your electric bill. Backup batteries also protect you from power grid failures and blackouts.

Often homeowners ask us about the opportunity for whole house battery back-up. This article will describe just what “going off-grid” implies. Also, how practical is it to go off-grid, and just how to recognize the worth of using solar batteries to run your house?

What is a Whole House Battery Backup System?

A whole house battery backup system implies having a solar panel system and a battery storage system to provide energy to the whole house adequately. The battery system requirements for the “whole house” include home heating and cooling, running home appliances, and keeping your lights on throughout an energy blackout. This would require a reasonably large battery to do all these things. Some people are happy with just keeping the lights on and running a small window air conditioner to keep one room cool in the summertime.

You could additionally listen to individuals describe “going off the grid.” Technically talking, “going off the grid” would undoubtedly indicate being totally and entirely self-dependent in your energy requirements.

Totally Off Grid Energy System

Going off-grid is exceptionally tough, and many homeowners are just curious about having a backup system for short-term energy interruption. Short-term energy interruptions usually run 30 minutes to an hour, whereas blackouts may run for days. This article will address all issues of losing power, from brownouts to temporary power loss to blackouts that may run for weeks.

Perfect system for short-term energy. Run your light, TV, fan, and computer.
Put the solar panels in the sun for more power and hours of use.

The main point to remember when thinking about battery backup is that not every electrically-powered gadget in your house is supposed to run the same way. They are not equal in their need for electricity. When running entirely off the grid, you have got to be careful of your house’s electric system. You do not want to run too many electric devices simultaneously, especially high-wattage items like hair dryers, microwaves, and air conditioners. You can trip circuit breakers if you run too many things simultaneously.

There Are Two Ways to Set up an Off-Grid Solar Energy System

You can set up a whole house off-grid system in several ways. You can have an off-grid system that goes overboard regarding the size unit, the number of solar panels, and the money you put out. If you are rich and money is not a problem, you can use oversized solar panels and an extensive lithium-ion battery backup system. But if you are like most people, you may go 10% over what you need for your house.

Go All Out!
You can go with a large unit that could generate twice as much electricity as you need. You probably will not have too many worries except for the maintenance of the unit. Maybe your neighbors are knocking on your door with an extension cord in their hands. (Wanting some of your power) if a blackout should happen.

Happy To Get By!
Now that I got you thinking smaller, let’s look at a small solar panel system with a small battery backup system. You would not run your central air conditioner. On the other hand, if you are like me, you will be happy to have the lights on, and the refrigerator running along with a small 5,000 BTU window unit. That small window unit and a couple of fans will replace it. I call this keeping life simple.

You may be one of those people looking at solar but do not like the price. The solar guy is saying your solar system will be almost FREE! You think you want me to finance $35,000 over 20 years, and that is NOT FREE to you. Supposedly the net metering will cut your electricity bill at least in half.

It runs your computer, charges your phone, and powers a small TV. You get by with this!

Emergency Solar Energy System With Battery Backup

Let us look at a solar energy system with a couple of solar panels and a nice size battery. During the day, your solar panels will supply the electricity you need to run most of your things. You can run 2 to 3 items, maybe four at a time. You were running your small air conditioner from time to time to keep you cool.

It will be time to get close together if you have a family. Figure the air conditioner can cool a 10×15 room. Add lights, a TV, computer, and that room will become the family room. Most refrigerators do not use as much power as you may think. Connect it to the power station; it only runs when the compressor goes on, which is a very short time.

The other significant aspect to consider when intending to house battery setup is the quantity of time in between costs that battery backup can sustain. The more circuits drawing power from a battery system, the quicker the batteries drain pipes. Equally, doing even more, requiring jobs on a laptop computer, like streaming a motion picture or signing up for a video clip telephone call, will undoubtedly trigger that laptop computer battery to drain pipes faster than merely inputting a paper.

While long-lasting entire residence backup– where all gadgets, as well as home appliances, generally run in the house for a day or even more– is feasible to style, it is rather pricey. It can need substantial electric service on top of the battery system setup itself.

Keeping that stated, lots of property owners can discover substantial worth in battery setup without attaining whole-home backup. Guaranteeing a couple of electrical outlets and home appliances preserve power for an extensive duration throughout an electrical outlet significantly boosts peace of mind and readiness for such circumstances and is far more friendly for many property owners.

Should You Consider Whole House Battery Backup?

Property owners that can obtain one of the most battery backups reside in locations with constant energy failures, either because of rolling power outages or severe climate. For example, a homeowner who lives in a very warm environment could discover it a deserving financial investment to mount a backup system that will undoubtedly enable them to utilize their cooling throughout an energy failure. The best battery to use will be lithium-ion.

Lithium-ion Battery Backup System is the best way to go. Well worth the money spent!

Think About Lithium-Ion Battery Backup

Suppose you reside in a location where problems make including lithium-ion battery backup to your solar system eye-catching. The following action is to consider what you intend to support as well as for how much time. Which areas, tools, or devices do you require to make sure you will maintain running throughout a blackout to lessen pain and also disturbance for your household? For how long do you assume you’ll reasonably require to rely upon your battery system to power them?

When our energy specialists go over the subject with homeowners, we find it handy to consider 3 “rates” of battery backup. These aren’t preconfigured, cookie-cutter systems we offer; the specific parts used can still be tailored according to your choices and budget plan. They’re simply a means of thinking about what backup you wish to get. High-grade lithium-ion batteries are your best choice when building your battery backup system.

A lithium-ion battery will last 10 to 15 years and more. Many are rated to go through 10,000 charge and discharge cycles. Other types of batteries do not come close to that. Your old-style flooded lead acid battery may only last 3 to 5 years and 3000 charge cycles. The price of lithium-ion batteries more than pays for themselves over their lifespan. Is it worth purchasing the lead acid batteries and replacing them 2 to 3 times when one set of lithium-ion batteries will do the job?

Lithium-ion battery systems usually consist of a solitary 30-50 amp breaker and much as 6 kW of constant power for approximately 10 hrs. This is sufficient to get you through several energy interruptions throughout the night. The necessary rate is made to assure you by supporting your most essential home appliances at an economical price. If you just run the essentials, your electricity will last much longer.

The innovative rate intends to stabilize your lithium-ion battery backup capability and expense. It provides three 30 to 50-amp breakers and much as 10 kW of continuous power for several days of power failures.

Lastly, there’s the premier rate for house owners with the requirement and the funds to come close to the entire residence backup. Systems at this rate typically consist of 6 30-50 amp breakers for significant home appliances and approximately 15 kW of continuous power for numerous days of disruption in your energy solution. This is the choice if your objective is to reduce disturbances from energy failures for long-term durations.

It’s vital to remember that despite having top-rate battery systems, you will certainly not have the ability to power your house as typical forever. As even more power is used, the quicker your batteries will undoubtedly drain, much like with any battery-powered gadget. Nevertheless, a system at this rate integrated with a conscious strategy to power use throughout interruptions will indeed permit you to lessen disturbances and keep access to your gadgets and home appliances.

Final Thoughts About Whole House Battery Back-up

Most homeowners we collaborate with will obtain one of the most worthwhile battery backups at a critical or innovative degree. This will certainly enable you to power the systems necessary to your household to remain comfy throughout a momentary energy interruption without breaking the bank.

Suppose you have much more inquiries concerning whole house battery back-up, including how to include backup to an existing household solar system. In that case, you can constantly set up a practical remote examination with our energy specialists.

Solar Power Generation Tips

Solar Power Generation produced with solar panels.

Solar power generation has really helped lots of consumers lower their result on the environment. Individuals who have integrated solar power generation within their lifestyles have recognized significant monetary savings. The information in this article will illustrate to you how to commence getting the benefits of solar energy on their own.

In the event, you have a company, you understand that there are plenty of expenses associated with that, one of those being your energy expense. If you have been thinking about methods to conserve the corporation a few dollars, you need to switch to sustainable solar-powered energy. This will not just save you money but let consumers understand you are environmentally aware.

Position solar panels on your home or business’s east or west side. Because the sun travels from east to west through the day, putting solar panels on your roofing areas facing north or south is a waste. You’ll get much better energy returns following a similar course because of the sun.

A great technique to benefit from solar power technology is constructing a heat well simply within your property’s south-facing windows or outdoor patio doors. This well collects heat through the sun in the daytime and releases it in the evening. This specific kind of solar-powered energy is entirely passive and needs no upkeep.

You need to find solar power panel suppliers in your area and have them inspect your home to determine which type of panels might be best for you personally and the method many solar panels are going to be needed. There are many vendors online but working with a professional in another state means they will not be educated about climatic conditions.

Solar Panel Systems For Your House

Solar panel systems lessen the volume of energy accustomed to warm your house and water. While the usage of solar panels does lower your energy expenses, they are pricey and it could take several years to recover the charge in reduced energy expenses. Search for government reward programs to help purchase them.

Once you buy a system, among the very first things you will discover is how quiet your solar batteries are. As they attract energy from the sun, they produce virtually no noise. This is definitely something that most owners value, as all of the other renewable resource sources make some noise because they operate. Particularly if you have a demanding job or possibly a stressful lifestyle, the worst thing you will really need can be a loud system interrupting your few minutes of peace.

How do you utilize energy? You must know precisely just how much power you require every day before changing to clean energy. Making the very best options to fulfill your needs is essential to obtaining the most for the money. You ought to take a look at your yearly energy costs, given that costs vary by season.

Solar power energy panels are not simple to put in, so you should work with a professional to get the job done. While you help to save a particular quantity of cash by trying to do it yourself, you do not want what you need to be listed below ideal. Also, you will, in all probability, wind up paying a person to emerge and correct the mess you made.

Solar Power Generation Tips

Solar power generation from the sun will produce electricity.
solar power generation from the sun

You may well be questioning suggestions on how to utilize solar power generation without requiring to spend a fortune. Solar power generation systems may be expensive. However, they can even be low-cost. Attempt using solar-powered lights on your walkway or around your backyard. You can even include solar energy panels gradually in your house over time to take down some of the costs bit by bit.

Solar energy systems permit you to decrease your ties to the rest of the world. You can go entirely off-grid with these systems. You will not be required to pay monthly costs or wonder who seems to be viewing your power usage. It is possible to increase your degree of personal privacy while saving the environment in addition to your funds.

Power sources that nonrenewable fuel sources can run are run by machines that need motors. Those motors need constant maintenance. With solar energy power systems, you will discover restricted parts required so they are low upkeep. You can expect to conserve money on fuel together with maintaining the device through the years.

Solar Energy Systems

Profiting from solar energy means you must have to please your house with undesirable panels. You can use passive solar energy systems to help in reducing your power costs and decrease your carbon footprint. Passive solar power systems consist of trome walls, planet cooling tubes, air panels, and many other alternative energy gadgets.

Do you have a swimming pool?
You could potentially conserve a good deal by utilizing solar panels. You can find little solar energy systems developed to power a water heater or a water pump, and because you just apply your swimming pool in the warmer months, your panels work completely when you require them.

In your house, find the most effective technique to utilize solar innovation. Solar energy systems might not be able to provide all the energy you want so find methods to minimize your energy needs. Use this energy to perform your hot water heater at the same time. Understanding what your distinct circumstance is will assist you in determining what you desire to do.

You will discover a typical mistaken belief that all solar energy power systems are gigantic and take in a lot of space in the home. The truth is, that solar power generation from the sun is scalable to the size. If you prefer an extensive solar energy range to power your residential or commercial property, you may. Likewise, you can use something smaller to offset normal energy costs from your regional electric business.


You might have been postponing a solar energy system as you are included that you merely will not have adequate sunlight. Many solar energy systems can coexist with your current system to offer you that extra energy. This could be helpful in locations like Washington State, which get great deals of rain throughout the year.

Utilizing solar technology is a terrific means to assist in saving our Planet’s valuable resources. Every 10 years or so, electricity costs double. This converts to more and more funds you need to spend to power your own home. Employ what you have discovered in this post to develop some environment-friendly products within your lifestyle. Look into solar power generation and see if it would work for your house. Texas solar panel systems are being put in one after another.

How Many Solar Panels Do I Need

How Many Solar Panels Do I Need

How many solar panels do I need; is a common question people looking to get solar ask. Before purchasing a solar panel system, identify your energy consumption. A typical American residence uses 10,715 kWh each year. Divide this number by 365 to obtain your ordinary day-to-day usage. Next off, make a decision on the number of solar panels needed for your system. This number will help you figure out the size of your panels. To acquire photovoltaic solar panels, calculate the number of kWh per square foot by solar panel ranking. Then, pick the number of solar panels based on the panel score.

Computing the dimension of a photovoltaic panel system based on panel ranking.
To compute the dimension of a solar panel system as well as the energy created by it you will certainly need to determine the quantity of power you presently use as well as just how much the system ought to produce. Preferably, your system needs to produce 100% of the energy you use as well as balance out any type of power you do not make use of. To determine the appropriate solar panel system size, you should understand how much power you consume every month. To make use of the calculator on SolarReviews, you’ll need to input the information on your average regular monthly power costs.

How Much Electricity Do I Use

How Much Electricity Do I Use
How Many Solar Panels Do I Need?

Prior to selecting the variety of solar panels, you’ll need, you must recognize just how much electricity you make use of routinely. The solar calculator will be able to calculate this for you. The typical individual utilizes a lot more power throughout the winter than in the summer season when their A/C or warmth is on. You can identify your ordinary monthly energy use by gathering the past 12 months’ electrical costs and separating it by twelve to get an average number of kWh per month. Another factor that will affect the quantity of solar energy you make use of is the accessibility of sunshine. You can consider NREL’s GHI maps to identify the number of hrs of sunshine your area gets annually.

Solar panels with 250 watts each will certainly produce around 5kW of power, so a two-kilowatt system can generate 850kwh of power each year. A four-kilowatt system, on the various other hand, can produce more than three hundred kWh per square foot. This implies that a four-kilowatt system would certainly need a minimum of 30 solar panels to create the same quantity of electricity.

Choosing The Right Size Solar Panel

How Many Solar Panels Do I Need?

Before you acquire your solar panels, you need to consider their size. It can differ from 35 to 50 pounds, however, the ordinary residential solar panel is around 40 pounds. For homes with larger roof coverings, you may think about an XL-size panel or one that is higher in watts. A panel of around 500 Watts. These solar panels are also considered commercial-grade and supply higher power. The panels have similar screening and also service warranties as various other sorts of PV panels. You can ask your solar dealership to discover the best dimension for your residence.

Monocrystalline or Polycrystalline Solar Panels

Monocrystalline solar panels are the most effective, however they are a lot more expensive. You may intend to use a monocrystalline solar panel if you just need a single solar panel. Polycrystalline are less costly yet require more panels to generate the very same amount of electrical power. Polycrystalline panels are a more inexpensive alternative, yet you’ll need more of them for the exact same quantity of power. Pick based upon these variables. Monocrystalline panels are extra reliable and use much less area. Monocrystalline likewise create more electrical energy per solar panel however are much more costly. If you intend to add more solar panels in the future, consider a polycrystalline panel.

The wattage and dimension of a solar panel system will depend upon the roof area where you want to mount it. You need to determine the room and location of the solar panels so they can encounter south or southeast to make the most of the amount of sunlight they can supply. Depending on the variety of panels you have, you can likewise develop up to a bigger solar panel system. Nevertheless, you need to ensure that the panel you get is the right dimension for your home.

Hopefully, by now, you can answer this question; How many solar panels do I need? All this can be a little confusing, and you may have to go over this article several times to get it right. You can always go back to the homepage and start all over again.

Benefits Of Solar Panels – Texas Rolling Blackouts

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A move from traditional energy sources to some renewable supply of energy is not something to be taken lightly. Costs and variables, including location and funding, has influenced the outcome of solar energy in Texas. The benefits of solar panels in Texas have proved worthwhile during the hot summer of 2022. It is believed that all the houses across Texas that have solar panels on their roofs may have saved the power grid and stopped a number of Texas rolling blackouts.

Areas around Dallas that have had brownouts and blackouts in the past survived the very hot summer of 2022 without a glitch. The power outages that happened in 2021 may have been the cause for all the solar panel installs. This year 2022 the Greater Dallas Fort Worth area was spared from rolling blackouts. Let’s hope this extends through the coming winter.

Solar Panels Can Save Money Over The Long Run

If, after you get the solar panels installed, you find they are generating more power than you want, you are able to sell any additional energy that is produced straight back to the electric company using net metering. This particular method allows you to recoup the expense of your solar-powered energy system’s parts and installation. Additionally, once you have recovered your costs, you will be setting up a profit in the future.

Figure out how geography factors into the cost-benefit analysis of solar panel systems. Two things have to be taken into account. First, your global latitude and distance from your equator determine your sunlight angle and amounts. Secondly, the local and national governments enter into play, too, given any rebates or incentives they might offer. If solar panels will even make or cut costs for yourself, both these should be factored numerically in determining expenses.

Benefits Of Solar Panels

Use solar panels to benefit your property in such a way besides the lighting. Solar power can also heat your own home and your water. Solar energy panels can create a significant impact on your overall energy bill and the charge you have to pay for electricity every month. One of the main reasons people purchase solar panel systems is to save some money.

Make sure that you purchase quality panels and get use a reputable company to install them. Cheap panels will never produce all the energy you may need in a reliable way. Usually, cheap solar panels will not last as long as well-built ones. An excellent installer will ensure your solar panels are situated properly on your house or business.

You could have lots of sunlight, but if the roof is shaded, it will cut down on the amount of the sun’s rays that are absorbed by the panels. Shade can really make a big difference in the energy that is produced. Don’t trust any claims that solar power panels can continue to run efficiently even if they are completely covered by shade.

Buying Solar Panels For Home

Benefits Of Solar Panels - Texas Rolling Blackouts
Benefits Of Solar Panels – Texas Rolling Blackouts

It is vital that you just purchase solar panels from a reputable company. If you are thinking of installing solar panels at your residence your best to get a professional to do the job. With solar power becoming very popular, there are a number of new solar panel businesses showing up with the latest technology. Make certain that you deal with a company that you can trust. Some solar panels are cheaply made by companies no longer in business. If you happen to get panels from a company that went out of business, then the panel’s warranty will most likely be voided.

In the event you own your very own business, consider installing solar energy panels on your building’s rooftop. This will surely cut down on your overhead expenses. Solar energy can power your computers, lighting, office equipment, and anything that your regular electric company would cover. Additionally, company owners could possibly get tax breaks for installing economical green products like solar panels, solar hot water heaters, and smaller items like energy-saving lights.

Your solar power panel vendor needs to have an excellent reputation. As with all other contractors, seek word-of-mouth recommendations, check references and find out if the vendor has a good BBB rating. When a potential vendor has no reviews or bad reviews, look elsewhere, regardless of what price the panels are. Low prices can also mean cheap solar panels!

Install Solar and Say Bye To Texas Rolling Blackouts

Solar panels are not usually very heavy. You will find they weigh around 40 to 70 lbs each depending on their quality and wattage. The higher wattage panels like 500 watts are on the heavy side but you will need less of them to do the job. You should not have to think about them causing the roof of your property to collapse. Many people assume that solar panels are heavy, considering they are so large.

Most cities in the United States require a permit and plans before you can start installing solar panels on a rooftop. An inspector will visit the premises and inspect the roof. They will have to certify the plans and roof before work can start installing solar panels. The inspector will come back out when the job is finished to make sure everything has been done properly.

The benefits of solar panels in Texas have kept the power grid up and running. In the summer of 2022, the power grid came through with flying colors. To add to that not any Texas rolling blackouts happened along the way.

Forney Texas Solar Panels Getting Installed

Forney Texas Solar Panels Getting Installed House By House and Business To Business
Forney Texas Solar Panels Installed On Rooftops Of Houses and Businesses

In this article, we will be talking about solar panels and solar energy systems in Forney, Texas. This is an area of growth with new houses and subdivisions going in where corn fields and cattle ranches were just a year before. The Amazon distribution center has gone in, bringing with it over 500 jobs. Many other businesses have come to the area, some large corporate companies and plenty of smaller support companies.

Forney, TX shows an excellent area to bring solar energy systems to the rooftops of homes and businesses. Forney is growing just like Rockwall and other suburb cities of the DFW area. Texas always seems to be a state ahead of its times with an excellent supporting road system and a great school system. Being from Louisiana, I appreciate this more than people living here all their life.

Finding A Solar Installer In Forney, Texas

There are plenty of local solar installers to pick from in Forney, Texas. If you are in a small town with no solar installer, just go to the closest big city, and you will find many options. Do not use an out-of-state solar company. Many are no longer around after your solar energy system is installed. Some out-of-state companies just have a small 1 or 2-person office to give the appearance that they are a Texas company that has been around for years. Get referrals and check out the solar companies you are considering doing business with. Make sure they have been in Texas and are an established company.

Information On Solar Energy and How It Helps

The sun’s rays deliver us so much, from heat to light and then to electricity. The sun’s energy enables us to sustainably power the quality of life. This blog post will hopefully help you through how to use solar energy successfully, allowing you to effectively use this power to keep your home or business running efficiently.

You do not need to stress over hurting the environment when employing solar power. Fossil fuels send damaging greenhouse gasses into the atmosphere, adding to worldwide warming and climate change. Solar panel systems have little effect on the environment except to help save it and are safe to use daily. As the designer of this website, I live in Rockwall and went without rain for 63 days. It was so nice to get this abundance of rain this August 22nd and 23rd. The lake behind my house now has water in it again!

Solar Panels

That doesn’t mean it is better just because a solar panel is more extensive. The quality of each solar panel is impacted by many elements, like wattage and warranty. Consider everything when making a big purchase like this.

Before picking the number of solar panels, you will be using, list all the electrical devices you will use in your house. You will also need the wattage of each device and hours used by every one of them. If you have just purchased a new electric car and will be charging it up at home, you will want to add it. This will help determine just how much solar energy you will require. If you decide to install the devices on your own or have somebody else do it for you, this article’s information will assist you with your options.

If you select to purchase solar panels, make sure you compare the costs of the panels and the setup expense. Make sure you understand what is included in each estimate. You do not wish to immediately pick the least expensive contractor. However, you don’t want to pay more than you need to.

Attempt to pick solar panels that can have their angles adjusted quickly. The angle at which the sun’s rays hits the Planet changes throughout the year. This suggests that the best angle to capture the sun’s light’s rays can be extremely different between winter season and summer. Preferably, you wish to have the ability to change the angle of your panels twice a year. Nevertheless, if you discover some that make it possible for adjustments four times a year (spring, fall, and summer season, winter season), that is even much better.

Solar Energy Systems Saves Money

Numerous individuals stop working to comprehend that solar energy systems prevent you from being hooked to the power grid. With this solar technology, you can be independent of the power companies in your location. This means that you have no regular monthly electrical expenses to pay or do not need to set up electric service anymore when you move.

You may wonder how you can make use of solar energy without investing a fortune. Solar rays systems can be expensive. However, they can likewise be highly economical. Try making use of solar-powered lights on your pathway or around your yard. You can also slowly add solar panels to your house in time to minimize some of the costs bit by bit.

Sources of power run by fossil fuels are run by machines that need motors. Those motors require constant maintenance. With solar energy systems, minimal parts are needed, so they are exceptionally low upkeep. You will conserve money on fuel and keep the solar energy system for many years to come.

Solar Batteries For Backup Power

Forney Texas Solar Panel Installs house by house. Many businesses in Forney are getting solar installed.
Forney Texas Solar Panel Install

Have a certified technician check your solar energy system regularly at least twice a year. If they are swamped with excessive power, which can occur if the inverter or charge controller is not working correctly, electric batteries can easily end up being harmed. You may prevent costly repair work and replacement expenses by having your system and battery bank examined routinely. Getting the right size battery from the start will prevent future problems.

Having battery backup will protect you from blackouts and power losses. When the power goes out, and other people lose their lights and yours are still on, you will appreciate your battery backup system. You will be glad you got a big enough battery or batteries to keep your air conditioner on. You may need to raise your thermostat 4 – 5 degrees, but that is better than not having any air conditioning. But you will surely be able to keep your TV, Internet, and computer on. That is the minimum most people want!

Final Thoughts – Forney Texas Solar

The essential tips in this post will go a long way to helping you employ solar power. This will permit you to run your home appliances without damaging the Planet. Someday every house and business will be powered by the sun or some energy-saving device. Today we should start this trend by installing this innovation of solar and using it home by home. Within ten years, you will see almost all houses in Forney, Texas, with solar panels on their rooftops, maybe sooner!